Free delivery more important than cost and convenience for Brit shoppers

A recent survey by, the global social shopping community that includes HotUKDeals- the UK’s biggest deal-sharing community, has revealed what British consumers consider to be the most important factors when making a purchase, with shoppers advising that free delivery and quality is more important than price and convenience. 


Three quarters (76%) said that free delivery is a critical factor, more so than same day delivery (17%), showing that consumers would rather save money than get their products quicker.


Nearly half (46%) of consumers said that a big discount is an important factor when making their purchasing decisions but 65% said that the quality of a product also makes a good deal and a product more attractive to buy. 


31% of consumers also said that a good price-performance ratio is an important factor for a good deal, showing that consumers would prefer a value for money product rather than something that was of low quality but with a high discount. 


A third (33%) of shoppers are also more likely to purchase something when the product has been recommended by someone, highlighting the importance of social platforms like HotUKDeals where consumers find, rate, share and comment on deals to help other shoppers save money on their purchases and provide inspiration on what to buy at the best prices. 


Brand reputation, whether that be the manufacturer or retailer, is still important though according to 30% of British consumers. In terms of advertising, 38% of consumers agree that a detailed description and pictures from the retailer helps make a deal more enticing. 


Danny Munday, general manager for HotUKDeals said: “Customers have come to expect discounts on pretty much everything they buy – they are very price aware - including historical pricing. They also want to know why they should purchase a product, its features and quality; and why they should buy it from you: What are your delivery options? Your returns policy? What warranty do you offer? The availability of services such as price comparison and the growth of social shopping mean that the consumer is more informed than ever before and empowered to make better purchasing decisions.”


Editor’s notes:


* commissioned a survey of 2003 British consumers (not members of HotUKDeals), which was carried out by Statista in September 2017 covering male and female consumers across different age groups and regions of the UK.

About HotUKDeals: 

HotUKDeals is the UK’s biggest deal-sharing community where consumers find, rate and share the best deals from on and off the high street every day to provide inspiration to others on what to buy at the best prices. Members use the temperature gauge to vote on deals so other users know that the hotter the deal, the stronger the offer. HotUKDeals has over 1.6m members and is a founding member of, the world’s largest social commerce group.



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